FDMC86139P by onsemi

Overview of FDMC86139P by onsemi

The FDMC86139P is a P-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET offering a breakdown voltage of -100V and a continuous drain current of -15A, packaged in a MLP-8 with a maximum on-resistance of 67mΩ. This part is designed for high efficiency and power density with the capability of handling substantial power levels, packaged in an extremely compact 3.30 X 3.30 MM, ROHS compliant, POWER 33, MLP, 8 PIN configuration. This product is manufactured by onsemi, a leading semiconductor company known for its commitment to innovation and quality. Key features of FDMC86139P include a maximum pulse drain current (IDM) of 30A, a maximum power dissipation of 40 W, and an operating temperature range of -55 °C to +150 °C, making it suitable for a broad range of applications. Additionally, it features a built-in diode for circuit protection and enhancement mode operation for improved control.

Industry Applications for FDMC86139P

Given its specifications, the FDMC86139P can be utilized across various industries. Here are several potential applications:

  • Consumer Electronics: This MOSFET could potentially be used in various consumer electronic devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, and power management systems within more complex devices. Its small size and high power efficiency make it ideal for compact electronic devices requiring efficient power management.
  • Energy and Power Systems: The part might be suitable for power supply units, inverters, and converters used in energy generation and distribution. Given its high breakdown voltage and current capabilities, it could help in designing energy-efficient power systems.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Within transportation systems, FDMC86139P might find applications in electric vehicle (EV) battery management systems or in the power regulation components of logistics drones and other autonomous vehicles. Its efficiency and thermal characteristics are particularly beneficial for applications where battery life and reliability are critical.
  • Renewable Energy: In the renewable energy sector, this device could be used in solar inverters, wind turbine control systems, or other renewable energy generation equipment, where efficient power conversion is crucial for maximizing energy output.

Note that these potential applications are conceptual and should be explored further with technical analysis to ensure compatibility and performance reliability. The features highlighted, like its high breakdown voltage, low on-resistance, and compact size, align with requirements across these applications but require careful consideration by engineering teams.

About onsemi

onsemi is globally recognized for its innovation in semiconductor solutions, including an extensive portfolio of Power Field-Effect Transistors. The company focuses on facilitating energy-efficient innovations across multiple sectors, including automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, and industrial applications. The FDMC86139P is part of onsemi’s endeavor to offer advanced power management technologies that reduce global energy use. onsemi’s MOSFETs, including devices like FDMC86139P, are integral to modern electronic circuits, providing high efficiency and reliability for a myriad of applications. Their products are designed with the future in mind, enabling technologies that power greener, safer, and more connected world.

Where to Find FDMC86139P by onsemi

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