FQT7N10LTF by onsemi

Overview of FQT7N10LTF by onsemi

The FQT7N10LTF by onsemi is a Power MOSFET in an N-Channel, Logic Level configuration, offered in a SOT-223 package. It features a drain source voltage (Vds) of 100V, a continuous drain current (Id) of 1.7A, and an on-resistance (Rds(On)) of 350mΩ at a test voltage (Vgs) of 10V. The gate source threshold voltage is maxed at 2V, and it’s fully RoHS compliant. This part enjoys several key attributes, including a drain-source on resistance max of 0.38Ω, a maximum power dissipation of 2W, and an operating mode of enhancement mode. It also supports a pulsed drain current (Idm) of up to 6.8 A, underscoring its ability to handle high-current pulses. With a peak reflow temperature of 260°C and a moisture sensitivity level of 1, the FQT7N10LTF ensures reliable operation in various thermal and moisture conditions. It’s positioned within the subcategory of Power Field-Effect Transistors, a testament to its utility in applications requiring efficient power switching and management.

Industry Applications for FQT7N10LTF

The versatile specifications and features of FQT7N10LTF make it suitable for a wide range of industry applications. Although its compatibility with specific projects requires thorough analysis and verification by engineering teams, its potential use cases are considerable across multiple sectors.

  • Energy and Power Systems: FQT7N10LTF could possibly be employed in power distribution systems, where efficient power regulation is crucial. The component’s efficient switching and thermal performance make it a candidate for smart grids and renewable energy inverters.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Within the transportation sector, this MOSFET might find use in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and onboard power management systems, leveraging its high voltage and current handling capabilities to deliver reliable performance.
  • Renewable Energy: The FQT7N10LTF is likely suitable for solar power inverters and wind turbine power converters, benefiting from its robust design and ability to manage high power levels with efficiency.
  • Automotive: Given its robust performance characteristics, this component might be utilized in automotive applications, including power management systems for vehicle electronics and battery management in electric and hybrid vehicles.

These potential applications reflect the part’s broad utility but necessitate careful consideration and validation by design teams to ensure they meet the operational requirements and industry standards.

About onsemi

onsemi stands as a formidable entity in the semiconductor industry, particularly noted for its contributions to the development and production of transistors, including a variety of Power Field-Effect Transistors. Its portfolio showcases an array of components designed for energy-efficient operations across automotive, industrial, communication, and consumer electronics applications. The FQT7N10LTF is a testament to onsemi’s commitment to innovation in semiconductor technology, providing efficient, high-performance solutions for power management challenges. onsemi’s extensive experience and expertise in the domain of Power MOSFETs render it a reliable partner for electronics design and manufacturing needs.

Where to Find FQT7N10LTF by onsemi

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