FT230XS-R by FTDI Chip

Overview of FT230XS-R by FTDI Chip

The FT230XS-R, manufactured by Future Technology Devices International Ltd (FTDI), represents a crucial component in the realm of Other uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs within the category of Microcontrollers and Processors. It is designed to offer seamless interface solutions between Universal Serial Bus (USB) and serial UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter), boasting compatibility with USB 2.0 specifications. Given its capacity to handle a maximum clock frequency of 12.02 MHz and a data transfer rate up to 60 Mbps, this component stands out for high-speed communications in embedded systems.

Key attributes include its small form factor—exhibited by its SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package) with a mere 16 terminals—alongside a supply voltage range from 2.97 V to 5.5 V, which makes it versatile for various electronics configurations. The FT230XS-R’s design uses CMOS technology, ensuring low power consumption, with a maximum supply current of 8.3 mA, which is advantageous for power-sensitive applications. Additionally, its compliance with RoHS, REACH, and sporting an ECCN code of “EAR99” ensure global acceptability and ease of procurement.

Industry Applications for FT230XS-R

The FT230XS-R is highly versatile, making it suitable for a myriad of applications across various industries. Key applications could include:

  • Consumer Electronics: May be employed in devices requiring efficient data communication between microcontrollers and computer interfaces, such as handheld devices, e-readers, and smart wearables.
  • Audio and Video Systems: Given its high data transfer rate, it can potentially enhance multimedia devices like digital camcorders, speakers, and interactive TV systems requiring seamless data flow.
  • Computing and Data Storage: Suitable for peripherals needing high-speed USB connections, like external hard drives and SSDs, thanks to its bus compatibility and transfer rates.
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Vision Systems: The FT230XS-R’s performance attributes could make it ideal for immersive technology devices, where high-speed data exchange between sensors and processing units is critical.
  • Entertainment and Gaming: Its application can extend to gaming consoles and peripherals, where rapid communication between the device and accessories (like VR headsets) enhances user experience.

About FTDI Chip

Future Technology Devices International Ltd, more commonly known as FTDI Chip, is a leading manufacturer in the field of USB technology and solutions. They specialize in creating integrated circuits (ICs) for USB connectivity and serial communication. Among their broad portfolio, the FT230XS-R shines as an exemplary model of their innovation in Other uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs and Microcontrollers and processors. FTDI Chip prides themselves on providing solutions that offer ease of integration, reliability, and compliance with current international standards, thereby facilitating the development of customer applications in various tech domains.

Where to Find FT230XS-R by FTDI Chip

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