KSD363YTU by onsemi

Overview of KSD363YTU by onsemi

The KSD363YTU is an NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor designed for versatile applications in various electronic circuits. It is characterized by a collector current-max of 6A and a collector-emitter voltage-max of 120V, making it suitable for medium power applications. The transistor is housed in a TO-220AB package, a popular choice for high-power applications due to its excellent thermal transfer capability, and comes in a plastic/epoxy body with 3 pins. This component is considered obsolete, meaning it may not be in active production anymore, but it remains relevant for repairing existing equipment or in applications where the latest technology is not essential. With a DC current gain minimum (hFE) of 120 and an operating temperature maximum of 150°C, it is designed for amplifying applications. The KSD363YTU is part of the Power Bipolar Transistors subcategory, making it a core component in power management and signal amplification tasks.

Industry Applications for KSD363YTU

The KSD363YTU, due to its properties and performance parameters, might be ideally suited for a range of industry applications. While this part is obsolete, it still holds potential for use in areas such as healthcare, telecommunications, and potentially others requiring reliable power management and signal amplification. Below are a few conceptual applications:

  • Healthcare: In the healthcare industry, this component could potentially be used in medical equipment such as patient monitoring systems, diagnostic machines like MRI and CT scanners, where reliable signal amplification and power control are critical.
  • Telecommunications: The KSD363YTU might find usage in telecommunications infrastructure, including amplifiers, signal processors, and power supply units within base stations, routers, and switches. Its ability to handle medium power levels and its high DC current gain make it suitable for these applications.
  • Power Supplies: Given its power dissipation capability of up to 40W and its ability to operate up to 150°C, it could be utilized in designing both linear and switching power supplies, aiding in voltage regulation and amplification.
  • Consumer Electronics: In consumer electronics, applications such as audio amplifiers or power regulators in high-performance computing devices might benefit from the robustness and reliability of the KSD363YTU.

Note: These potential applications are conceptual and serve as illustrations. Engineering and design teams should perform detailed analyses and verifications when considering this component for specific applications.

About onsemi

onsemi is a leading manufacturer known for its broad range of innovative semiconductor solutions, including a focus on Power Bipolar Transistors. The company positions itself as a facilitator of energy-efficient innovations, driving intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve complex challenges. The KSD363YTU is among the products offered by onsemi, embodying the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable components for a range of applications. While the KSD363YTU itself is marked as obsolete, onsemi continues to offer a wide array of power management solutions, including advanced versions of Power Bipolar Transistors that serve the evolving needs of industries like automotive, renewable energy, and more.

Where to Find KSD363YTU by onsemi

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