MBRS540T3G by onsemi

Overview of MBRS540T3G by onsemi

The MBRS540T3G by onsemi is a highly efficient, surface-mount, Schottky Rectifier Diode designed for various applications requiring low power loss and high efficiency. Its primary features include a low forward voltage of maximum 0.5V, facilitating lower power dissipation and improved system efficiency. This diode is capable of handling an output current of up to 5 A and supports non-repetitive peak forward current up to 190 A, making it suitable for high-current applications. The device operates over a wide temperature range from -65 °C to 150 °C, accommodating diverse environmental conditions. Its plastic/epoxy package, denoted as CASE 403-03 or SMC, along with a Pb-free and RoHS-compliant manufacturing process, emphasizes onsemi’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Another notable attribute is its moisture sensitivity level of 1, ensuring reliability even in moisture-prone environments. With a factory lead time of approximately 72 weeks at the time of writing, planning for procurement should account for potential delays.

Industry Applications for MBRS540T3G

  • Space Technology and Aerospace and Defense: The MBRS540T3G’s robust temperature range and high reliability make it potentially suitable for critical applications in aerospace and defense, including satellites, avionics, and space exploration equipment where failure is not an option.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Its high efficiency and free-wheeling diode capability may be particularly beneficial for power conversion and management systems in renewable energy installations, power plants, and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).
  • Transportation and Logistics: Automotive applications, including electric and hybrid vehicles, can take advantage of the MBRS540T3G for power management systems, enhancing battery efficiency and overall vehicle performance.
  • Renewable Energy: This diode’s attributes align well with solar power inverters and wind turbine power systems, where efficient power conversion is critical for maximizing energy harvest and reducing waste.

About onsemi

onsemi is a renowned leader in the semiconductor industry, particularly recognized for their innovation in energy-efficient electronics. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of diodes, among which the MBRS540T3G stands out due to its Schottky barrier technology, designed to offer lower forward voltage drop and minimal power loss. onsemi’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their Pb-free and RoHS-compliant manufacturing processes, serving both the consumer and industrial markets with high-quality components that meet stringent environmental standards. The company’s expertise in diode technology ensures that products like the MBRS540T3G are reliable options for demanding applications across various sectors.

Where to Find MBRS540T3G by onsemi

To procure the MBRS540T3G, engineers and procurement professionals should consider using findchips.com as a resource. This website provides comprehensive and up-to-date inventory information from multiple distributors. Historically, this part has been available from distributors including Newark, DigiKey, Avnet Americas, and Mouser Electronics, though availability can vary. To explore current stock levels or find alternate parts within the Rectifier Diodes category offered by onsemi or other manufacturers, Findchips provides a detailed parametric search utility.

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