MC14541BDR2G by onsemi

Overview of MC14541BDR2G by onsemi

The MC14541BDR2G is a programmable timer oscillator featuring a compact Surface Mount (SOIC-14) package. Manufactured by onsemi, formerly known as ON Semiconductor, this component is part of their broader offering in the Timers or RTCs subcategory within the Microcontrollers and Processors category. It is designed for a wide range of timing and oscillator applications, boasting a maximum clock frequency of 0.032 MHz. The device operates over an expansive temperature range from -55 °C to 125 °C, making it suitable for both commercial and military-grade applications.

The MC14541BDR2G is recognized for its high level of integration, offering a programmable timer clock in a single chip. This is facilitated by CMOS technology, providing low power consumption while maintaining high performance. Its versatility is further enhanced by a wide supply voltage range, from a minimum of 3V to a maximum of 18V, with a nominal supply voltage of 5V. Additionally, the part features moisture sensitivity level 1, ensuring robust performance in various environmental conditions.

Key specifications include a 14-pin count in a plastic/epoxy body material, matte tin terminal finish, and offer surface mount capability. The part adheres to stringent standards with its Reach and ECCN compliance codes, ensuring global acceptance and ease of use in a wide range of applications. Notably, the part’s factory lead time is currently estimated at 8 weeks, a critical consideration for project timelines and supply chain planning.

Industry Applications for MC14541BDR2G

The versatile nature of the MC14514BDR2G allows its use across various applications within different industries. Here are a few possible use cases, though it is essential to conduct thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams for specific applications:

  • Education and Research: Its low power consumption and wide operating temperature range make it suitable for educational kits and experimental projects in academic settings. These applications benefit from the programmability of the oscillator for learning about timing circuits and frequency modulation.
  • Space Technology: With its MILITARY temperature grade and high reliability, this timer oscillator could be incorporated into satellite subsystems for timing and synchronization tasks. Space applications demand components that can withstand extreme conditions, which MC14541BDR2G is potentially capable of.
  • Aerospace: The device’s robust operating range and CMOS technology suit it for aerospace applications like navigation systems, where precise timing is crucial. Its ability to function in a wide range of temperatures aligns with the environmental requirements of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Automotive: Although automotive was listed among possible applications, it’s important to note that the qualification status of MC14541BDR2G is not specified for automotive standards. However, automotive applications that do not require automotive qualifications might benefit from its programmable timing features for non-critical systems or research and development purposes.

These potential applications are only conceptual/illustrative and require analysis and verification by engineering and design teams.

About onsemi

onsemi is a leading semiconductor manufacturer focusing on energy-efficient innovations. Their extensive portfolio includes products spanning from discrete components to complex integrated circuits, notably in the space of Timers or RTCs and other peripheral devices within the Microcontrollers and Processors segments. The MC14541BDR2G is just one example of onsemi’s commitment to providing solutions that meet the needs of high-performance and low-power applications. onsemi’s offerings in this category exemplify their expertise in designing products that provide precise timing solutions, essential for various electronics applications. Their products are well-regarded for reliability, offering solutions for industries demanding high standards, such as aerospace and defense, education, and more.

Where to Find MC14541BDR2G by onsemi

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