MMSD4148T1G by onsemi

Overview of MMSD4148T1G by onsemi

The MMSD4148T1G by onsemi is a high-performance Rectifier Diode that stands out in the Semiconductors and Diode market. This component, encapsulated in a small SOD-123 2 lead package, is designed for fast switching applications, providing a forward voltage of maximum 1 V and a non-repetitive peak forward current of 2 A. Its package is halogen-free and ROHS compliant, ensuring environmental safety. With a maximum reverse recovery time of only 0.004 µs, it facilitates quick transitions from conducting to non-conducting states, essential for high-efficiency circuits.

The part is recognized for its durability and reliability, being able to operate within a vast temperature range of -55 °C to 150 °C. The moisture sensitivity level is rated at 1, indicating robust performance even under humid conditions. Available in active lifecycle status with a manufacturer-specified factory lead time of 67 weeks and 3 days as of the current writing, MMSD4148T1G is a suitable choice for designers looking for quality and longevity in high-demand applications.

Industry Applications for MMSD4148T1G

The MMSD4148T1G may find its utilization in a wide array of industry applications due to its fast-switching capability and robust performance. Possible applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Consumer Electronics: In devices requiring efficient power management and fast switching such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets.
  • Space Technology and Aerospace and Defense: Where reliability and performance under extreme temperature conditions are crucial, MMSD4148T1G could be utilized in satellite communication systems and military hardware.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Including power supply circuits in renewable energy systems, where fast diode recovery time enhances system efficiency.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Specifically within components of solar panels and wind turbines where fast switching diodes can improve the conversion efficiency.

Given the component’s characteristics, such as its high peak reverse voltage of 100 V and power dissipation capacity of 0.425 W, it might also be suitably adopted in automotive applications, particularly in electric vehicles’ power management systems.

About onsemi

onsemi is a renowned player in the semiconductor industry, especially noted for their comprehensive portfolio in Diodes and Rectifier Diodes categories. The firm’s innovative approach to semiconductor design emphasizes energy efficiency and reliability, making their products, including MMSD4148T1G, critical to modern electronic systems. onsemi’s offering spans across various applications, from automotive to industrial and consumer electronics, underpinning the infrastructure of the smart, connected world. With a focus on sustainability, onsemi’s components are designed to meet the current demands for greener and more efficient technologies.

Where to Find MMSD4148T1G by onsemi

To source the MMSD4148T1G, provides a reliable platform to compare prices and stock availability across multiple distributors. When seeking to purchase this component, it’s advisable to explore current stock levels through Distributors such as Newark, DigiKey, Avnet Americas, and Mouser Electronics have historically offered this part, but availability can vary. For alternatives and to explore related parts in the Rectifier Diodes category, including those offered by onsemi and other manufacturers, is an excellent resource.

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