MRA4007T3G by onsemi

Overview of MRA4007T3G by onsemi

The MRA4007T3G is a Power Rectifier from onsemi, specifically designed for standard recovery applications. It falls into the electronic parts subcategory of Rectifier Diodes within the broader category of Diodes. This device is encapsulated in a compact SMA package, with a 2-pin configuration, and is manufactured using silicon as the diode element material. It is designed to handle a maximum output current of 1 A with a peak reverse voltage of 1000 V, making it a robust choice for high-voltage applications. With an operating temperature range from -55 °C to 150 °C and a maximum forward voltage of 1.18 V, this diode ensures reliability in varying environmental conditions. The MRA4007T3G is RoHS compliant, indicating it adheres to environmental standards set for hazardous substances.

Industry Applications for MRA4007T3G

The MRA4007T3G may find its applications spread across a diverse range of industries due to its robust specifications. Here are some use cases:

  • Consumer Electronics: It could be employed in power supply units and charging circuits of consumer electronics, where efficient power conversion is critical.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Given its high reverse voltage capability, it can be utilized in power supplies for both conventional and solar power systems, ensuring safety and efficiency in power delivery.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Its robust construction makes it suitable for use in electronic systems within automotive applications, including electric vehicles (EVs) where reliable power management is essential.
  • Renewable Energy: The diode’s efficiency and high-voltage handling capabilities make it ideal for inverters in renewable energy systems, enabling effective conversion of solar or wind energy into electrical power.

These applications benefit from the diode’s high-temperature operation range, high peak reverse voltage, and packaging designed for easy integration into a variety of circuit designs.

About onsemi.

onsemi, the manufacturer of MRA4007T3G, is a renowned leader in the semiconductor industry, particularly known for their innovative approach in the development of energy-efficient electronics. Their offerings in the domain of diodes, especially Rectifier Diodes, are widely recognized for their reliability, efficiency, and superior performance. onsemi’s extensive portfolio includes a variety of diodes designed to meet the diverse needs of the electronics industry, ensuring there is a solution for virtually every application.

Where to Find MRA4007T3G by onsemi

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