MUR420RLG by onsemi

Overview of MUR420RLG by onsemi

The MUR420RLG is an ultra-fast recovery power rectifier designed for switch-mode application requirements, boasting a capacity of 4 A, with a 200 V repetitive peak reverse voltage. Its packaging consists of an axial lead measuring 9.65×5.33mm, 25.4×1.22mm, housed in a 1500-reel format. As a part of the Rectifier Diodes subcategory, this component features a single diode configuration and maximizes performance with a forward voltage max of 890mV and a reverse recovery time of a mere 35ns. Additionally, it can handle a forward surge current of up to 125A. The MUR420RLG is rated as RoHS compliant, ensuring adherence to stringent environmental standards.

Industry Applications for MUR420RLG

Potential industry applications for the MUR420RLG have been identified across a broad spectrum of sectors, thanks to its notable attributes. Its capacity for ultra-fast recovery and high-surge tolerance makes it particularly suited for high-demand environments. The following applications, although requiring thorough verification and analysis by engineering and design teams, highlight the versatility of the MUR420RLG:

  • Space Technology: Its low leakage current and fast recovery time might benefit systems requiring high efficiency and reliability in the challenging environment of space.
  • Aerospace and Defense: The component’s robust handling of forward surge currents and high-temperature resistance could serve well in military-grade power supplies and radar systems.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Its application in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), particularly for renewable energy systems, leverages its efficient conversion and fast recovery capabilities.
  • Medical Imaging: High-end medical equipment, such as MRI machines, which demand precise power regulation, might also utilize the MUR420RLG for its performance characteristics.
  • Robotics and Drones: Automaton technology, including robotics and drones, could significantly benefit from the MUR420RLG due to its efficiency and reliability in power management systems.

About onsemi

onsemi is a prominent leader in the semiconductor industry, specializing in a wide spectrum of high-performance components critical to modern electronics. Their expertise in the area of diodes, especially Rectifier Diodes, are noteworthy, providing solutions that enhance power efficiency, reduce size, and more importantly, increase the reliability of their client’s applications. The MUR420RLG is just a single example of onsemi’s extensive offering. With their continued focus on innovation and adherence to rigorous standards, onsemi ensures that their products are at the forefront of technology, meeting the stringent requirements of a diverse set of industries.

Where to Find MUR420RLG by onsemi

For those looking to purchase the MUR420RLG or exploring alternative parts for comparison, provides a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory from multiple distributors. This tool not only lists available stock and pricing information but also offers detailed specifications and part data, making it an invaluable resource for procurement specialists and engineers. While the MUR420RLG has historically been listed by distributors such as Sense Electronic Company Limited, New Advantage Corporation, EBV Elektronik, and CHIPMALL.COM LIMITED, it’s prudent to consult for the most current stock levels and pricing. Additionally, the site gives users the ability to find alternate Rectifier Diodes that might be offered by onsemi or other reputable manufacturers, providing flexibility and options for those in procurement phases.

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