MURA140T3G by onsemi

Overview of MURA140T3G by onsemi

The MURA140T3G by onsemi stands as a highly efficient, ultra-fast recovery power rectifier, designed to excel in environments where high-speed switching and efficiency are paramount. This component is specified with a repetitive reverse voltage (Vrrm) max of 400V, a forward current (If(Av)) of 1A, alongside notable characteristics including a maximum forward voltage (Vf Max) of 1.1V and a reverse recovery time (Trr Max) of 65Ns. The forward surge current (Ifsm Max) reaches up to 35A, underlining the component’s ability to handle significant power surges with ease.

Constructed with a silicon diode element material within a robust, lead-free plastic package (case 403D-02, SMA, 2 pin), the MURA140T3G is designed for durability and compliance with contemporary environmental standards, being RoHS compliant. The SMA package facilitates surface mounting, a feature that aligns with the modern preference for compact, densely packed PCB layouts. Furthermore, the diode’s ability to function between the temperatures of -65 °C and +175 °C allows for operation in a wide range of environmental conditions, enhancing its versatility across applications.

Industry Applications for MURA140T3G

The following illustrates possible industry applications for the MURA140T3G, noting that these applications are conceptual and should be further verified by engineering and design teams:

  • Consumer Electronics: Given its ultra-fast recovery times and robust surge capacity, the MURA140T3G is well-suited for power supply circuits within consumer electronics. This might include laptops, chargers, or LED lighting systems, where efficiency and speed are crucial.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Its high reverse voltage and forward surge current capabilities make the MURA140T3G a possible fit for power regulation and conversion systems used in energy distribution networks, potentially enhancing the reliability and efficiency of power grid operations.
  • Renewable Energy: In solar power inverters or wind turbine power systems, the part’s ultra-fast switching capabilities could be beneficial. The ability to efficiently manage power surges and provide rapid recovery times is critical in these applications, where maintaining efficiency can significantly impact overall energy generation.

While these applications highlight the MURA140T3G’s versatility, it’s important to conduct a detailed analysis specific to the planned use case to ensure suitability and compliance with technical requirements.

About onsemi

onsemi is a prominent name in the semiconductor industry, well-regarded for its comprehensive portfolio of power semiconductor products, including a broad range of diodes. Within the realm of Rectifier Diodes, onsemi has made significant strides, offering parts like the MURA140T3G that showcase the company’s commitment to efficiency, reliability, and performance. onsemi’s offerings are characterized by their innovation in power efficiency, high-performance materials, and environmental sustainability. These attributes make onsemi a go-to manufacturer for engineers and procurement specialists looking for state-of-the-art diodes for power conversion and management tasks.

Where to Find MURA140T3G by onsemi

To locate MURA140T3G for purchase or to review further details, including current stock levels and pricing, visit Besides offering comprehensive information on the MURA140T3G, the platform also serves as a resource for exploring alternate Rectifier Diodes that might align with your project’s specifications, whether offered by onsemi or other leading manufacturers.

In the past, the MURA140T3G has been available through distributors such as Win Source Electronics, EBV Elektronik, Mouser Electronics, and DigiKey, among others. However, to ensure you are getting the most current and accurate information on availability and competitive pricing, it is recommended to conduct your search directly through

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