MXA8-PW40-H001 by Lumileds

Overview of MXA8-PW40-H001 by Lumileds

The MXA8-PW40-H001 is a high-performance, single color white LED, offered by Lumileds. This part falls within the category of Visible LEDs, a critical component in the field of Optoelectronics. With its RoHS compliance and UL recognition, this LED ensures adherence to regulatory standards and a focus on quality. The device operates over a wide temperature range (-40 °C to 105 °C), making it suitable for diverse applications, from industrial to commercial environments.

This LED features a forward current maximum of 0.3 A and comes in a surface mount configuration, facilitating easier integration into a broad range of electronic assemblies. Its compact size, with a 3 mm dimension and 0.8 mm overall height, along with a 115-degree viewing angle, makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring high-density mounting and wide light dispersion.

The part is distinguished not only by its performance specifications but also by its packing method, supplied in tape and reel (TR) format, 13 inches in size, which aids in automated manufacturing processes. The MXA8-PW40-H001’s attributes, such as operational temperature range and additional features like being UL recognized, highlight its suitability for challenging environments and applications requiring reliable and long-term performance.

Industry Applications for MXA8-PW40-H001

The versatility and performance characteristics of the MXA8-PW40-H001 LED make it suitable for a multitude of applications across several industries. Here are potential use cases:

  • Aerospace and Defense: These sectors may utilize the MXA8-PW40-H001 for instrumentation, cockpit lighting, and external aircraft illumination, where reliability and performance in extreme conditions are paramount.
  • Automotive Lighting: Given its high operating temperature range and durability, the LED can potentially serve in car dashboard illumination, exterior lighting, and indicators.
  • Medical Devices: Its small footprint and specific color temperature make it a candidate for use in medical lighting applications, including surgical lighting and diagnostic instruments.
  • Industrial: The device could be used in machine vision systems, safety lighting, and indicator lights for manufacturing equipment, where visibility and reliability are crucial.
  • Consumer Electronics: The LED may be suitable for backlighting displays, smartphones, tablets, and as status indicators for various electronic devices, due to its compact size and low power consumption.

These applications are indicative, leveraging the product properties such as its color, operating temperature range, and mounting features, which underscore its adaptability across different technological and environmental requirements.

About Lumileds

Lumileds is a globally recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative lighting solutions, particularly in the field of Optoelectronics and Visible LEDs like the MXA8-PW40-H001. Known for their commitment to quality, Lumileds products are at the forefront of lighting technology, catering to a wide array of industries, including automotive, mobile, IoT (Internet of Things), and more.

The company’s portfolio of LEDs demonstrates a relentless pursuit of advances in luminous efficiency, color stability, and lifetime performance. The MXA8-PW40-H001 is a testament to Lumileds’ expertise, designed to meet rigorous standards for a diverse range of applications. Lumileds continues to expand its offerings, pushing the boundaries of LED efficiency and functionality, making it a premier choice for engineers and designers seeking reliable optoelectronic components.

Where to Find MXA8-PW40-H001 by Lumileds

For those seeking to procure the MXA8-PW40-H001, offers a convenient platform to research and compare pricing from a variety of distributors. Historically, this part has been available from distributors including DigiKey, Mouser Electronics, Future Electronics, Verical, and Avnet Silica. However, stock levels and availability can fluctuate. Thus, it is recommended to visit to get the most current stock levels and pricing information.

In addition to locating the MXA8-PW40-H001, Visible LEDs by Lumileds and other manufacturers can be found to ensure you have the best part for your specific application needs.

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