NCV8406BDTRKG by onsemi

Overview of NCV8406BDTRKG by onsemi

The NCV8406BDTRKG by onsemi is a sophisticated Self-Protected Low Side Driver, specifically designed to be used in environments that require high reliability, such as automotive applications. Packaged in a DPAK-3/4 PIN configuration, it is noted for its robust design, including features like transient, overcurrent, over-voltage, and thermal protections. With a nominal output peak current limit of 8.5 A, and operating within a voltage range of up to 65V, this SmartFET is well-suited to handle demanding applications. Conforming to the RoHS directive, it supports environmentally friendly initiatives by reducing hazardous substances in electronic devices.

The part’s specifications emphasize compatibility with rigorous automotive requirements, being AEC-Q100 qualified. Its package body is made of plastic/epoxy, providing a stable and secure encasing for the component. Moreover, with a moisture sensitivity level of 1, it showcases high resilience against environmental conditions. Its surface mount design facilitates efficient assembly processes, while the matte tin (Sn) annealed terminal finish ensures a reliable electrical connection. The terminal form is gull wing, with a single terminal position, making it adaptable to a variety of PCB layouts.

Industry Applications for NCV8406BDTRKG

The NCV8406BDTRKG by onsemi, belonging to the electronic parts subcategory of Peripheral Drivers, is particularly suited for numerous industry applications. While it is noted for use in Industrial Automation, its features lend it to potential utility in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Automotive Systems: Given its AEC-Q100 qualification, the device might be ideally suited for automotive applications such as engine control units (ECUs), automotive lighting, and power distribution systems. Its robust protection features ensure reliable operation under the harsh conditions typically encountered in automotive environments.
  • Industrial Automation: In the realm of industrial automation, this component could be utilized in motor control circuits, actuator drivers, and safety system interfaces, where its ability to handle high voltage and current is crucial.
  • Robots used in manufacturing and assembly lines require precise control over motor functions. The NCV8406BDTRKG could serve as a highly effective solution for driving motors, relays, or solenoids in these settings.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: This driver may find applications in solar power inverters, wind turbine controls, or other renewable energy management systems. The driver’s efficiency and reliability would be beneficial in optimizing performance and safeguarding components.

These potential applications are illustrative/conceptual and would necessitate a comprehensive analysis and verification by engineering and procurement teams to ensure suitability for their specific requirements.

About onsemi

onsemi is a leading manufacturer in the field of semiconductor components and solutions, playing a pivotal role in driving innovations in energy efficiency, automation, and electronic design. Their portfolio, especially within the realm of Peripheral Drivers and other Drivers and Interfaces, showcases a wide range of products designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic applications. The NCV8406BDTRKG represents just one example of onsemi’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable components that enable manufacturers to achieve more efficient, robust, and cost-effective designs.

Where to Find NCV8406BDTRKG by onsemi

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