NSR0320MW2T1G by onsemi

Overview of NSR0320MW2T1G by onsemi

The NSR0320MW2T1G manufactured by onsemi is a Schottky Barrier Diode characterized by its low forward voltage and is encapsulated in a small SOD-323 2 LEAD package. This component is designed to offer a maximum output current of 1 A and can withstand reverse voltages up to 23 V, making it an efficient option for various rectifying applications. With a very low maximum forward voltage of only 0.27 V, it ensures high efficiency in its operation, particularly in low voltage applications. This diode is notable for its plastic/epoxy package material that is both halogen-free and RoHS compliant, making it an environmentally friendly choice for electronic designs.

One of the significant attributes of this diode is its high temperature resilience, being able to operate between -55 °C and 125 °C. Moreover, its peak reflow temperature can reach up to 260 °C for a maximum of 30 seconds, accommodating the needs of various manufacturing processes. It’s moisture sensitivity level 1 indicates that it has excellent moisture resistance, further emphasizing its reliability and durability for industrial applications. The NSR0320MW2T1G is currently in an active lifecycle phase, indicating ongoing manufacturer support and availability.

Industry Applications for NSR0320MW2T1G

The NSR0320MW2T1G by onsemi, with its specific characteristics, may potentially serve a wide range of industry applications. Its capability to manage 1 A of output current and sustain high temperature ranges makes it suitable for high-efficiency power management and rectification tasks in various sectors.

  • Industrial Automation: It could be integrated into power supplies, motor controllers, or sensing units, where its efficiency and small package can contribute to compact, reliable solutions.
  • Energy and Power Systems: This part may be used in power conversion systems or protective circuits within both traditional and renewable energy systems, benefiting from its low forward voltage and high temperature operation.
  • Renewable Energy: In solar power inverters or wind turbine control systems, the NSR0320MW2T1G can contribute to the efficiency and reliability of power conversion processes, supporting sustainable energy production.
  • Automotive Applications: Though not explicitly listed, the high reliability and wide operating temperature range could make this diode suitable for automotive power applications, where robustness and efficiency are critical.

About onsemi

onsemi is a renowned manufacturer specializing in a wide array of semiconductor components, notably in the domain of diodes, including Rectifier Diodes. The company is known for producing parts that offer reliability and performance essential for today’s electronic devices. Their product range extends to include various diodes, with the NSR0320MW2T1G being a prominent example of their Schottky Barrier Diodes. onsemi focuses on innovation and sustainability, creating components that meet the stringent demands of modern electronic applications while ensuring environmental compliance.

Where to Find NSR0320MW2T1G by onsemi

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