SMAJ5.0CA by Littelfuse Inc

Overview of SMAJ5.0CA by Littelfuse Inc.

The SMAJ5.0CA is a bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diode designed by Littelfuse Inc. This component is characterized by its ability to manage transient voltage spikes with excellent clamping capability, thereby protecting sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by system inductance and lightning. With a peak reverse power dissipation of 400W, a maximum clamping voltage of 9.2V, and a reverse standoff voltage of 5V, the SMAJ5.0CA is engineered to safeguard low-voltage applications against high energy transients. The device is constructed with silicon in a DO-214AC (SMA) package, featuring 2 pins and offering low inductance and fast response time. Compliance with RoHS and halogen-free standards further underscores its environmental consideration, making it suitable for a wide array of applications where safety and reliability are paramount.

Industry Applications for SMAJ5.0CA

The versatility and protective qualities of the SMAJ5.0CA make it suitable for several industry applications, each benefiting from its properties in distinct ways. While these potential applications are conceptual/illustrative and require verification by engineering and design teams, here are a few possibilities:

  • Industrial Automation: In automated manufacturing and processing environments, sensitive control equipment such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and sensors could be protected against voltage transients that might occur during operation.
  • Renewable Energy: Systems such as solar power converters and wind turbine controllers, which are exposed to environmental elements and thus more susceptible to lightning-induced surges, could benefit from the incorporation of the SMAJ5.0CA for protection.
  • Robotics and Drones: With robotics and drones often operating in unpredictable environments, integrating the SMAJ5.0CA could safeguard navigation and communication electronics from unexpected voltage spikes, ensuring reliability and operational integrity.

Note that these applications only represent a glimpse into the possible uses of the SMAJ5.0CA. The selection of a transient voltage suppressor diode should always be in line with the specific details and requirements of the project at hand.

About Littelfuse Inc.

Littelfuse Inc. is a leading manufacturer of circuit protection, power control, and sensing products, with a well-established reputation in the field of transient voltage suppression. Their extensive portfolio of Transient Suppressors covers a wide range of protection devices, including the SMAJ5.0CA, designed to address various application needs across the electronics industry. Littelfuse’s commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability is evident in their adherence to stringent compliance standards and the development of components that meet the evolving demands of electronic circuit protection. By focusing on the reliability and efficiency of their products, Littelfuse Inc. ensures that they remain a trusted source for electronic components that provide critical protection in a myriad of applications.

Where to Find SMAJ5.0CA by Littelfuse Inc

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