SZNUP2105LT1G by onsemi

Overview of SZNUP2105LT1G by onsemi.

The SZNUP2105LT1G by onsemi is an advanced electronic component specifically designed for ESD protection. Classified under the Transient Suppressors subcategory of Diodes, this part plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive electronic circuits from electrostatic discharge. The SZNUP2105LT1G functions as a dual-line CAN bus protector and is crafted in a compact SOT-23 (TO-236) 3-lead package, making it suitable for high-density board designs.

This component stands out with its high breakdown voltage range (26.2 V to 32 V), low clamping voltage (max 44 V), and low capacitance, essential features for effective ESD protection without compromising signal integrity. Its avalanche technology ensures reliable protection against transient voltages, and it’s built to meet stringent AEC-Q101 standards, indicating its qualification for automotive applications. Furthermore, it is designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges from -55 °C to 150 °C, showcasing its robustness for demanding environments. The part has a factory lead time of about 10 weeks and 4 days, reflecting its custom manufacturing process.

Industry Applications for SZNUP2105LT1G

The versatile nature of the SZNUP2105LT1G enables its use across various industries, particularly where high-level ESD protection is paramount. While specific applications include Education and Research, Financial Technology (Fintech), and Healthcare, its characteristics may extend its suitability to:

  • Automotive systems, especially in CAN bus network protection due to its compliance with automotive standards and its ability to withstand the harsh conditions of automotive environments.
  • Consumer electronics, where the need for compact, high-performance ESD protection is critical in safeguarding sensitive electronics in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Industrial control systems, given its high transient voltage suppression capabilities, making it ideal for protecting critical industrial equipment from voltage spikes.
  • Telecommunications infrastructure, where its low capacitance and bidirectional polarity can help maintain signal integrity while offering protection against voltage transients.

Note that the applications mentioned above could derive benefit from the part’s advanced features, such as its low clamping voltage, wide breakdown voltage range, and compliance with various industry standards, including the automotive-grade AEC-Q101 and international ESD protection standards like IEC-61000-4-2.

About onsemi.

onsemi is a leading semiconductor company known for its extensive range of electronic components, including a variety of Transient Suppressors and Diodes. The SZNUP2105LT1G represents one of its specialized offerings in the arena of ESD protection devices. onsemi’s products are synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. They are often the go-to choice for engineers and designers across globe for applications demanding high standards of performance and durability. onsemi’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility, coupled with its commitment to cutting-edge technology, places it at the forefront of semiconductor manufacturers, particularly in the domain of ESD protective diodes and transient voltage suppressors.

Where to Find SZNUP2105LT1G by onsemi

To source the SZNUP2105LT1G, offers an efficient and reliable platform for checking current stock levels, pricing, and availability across multiple distributors. Those interested in exploring alternative parts to the SZNUP2105LT1G can use the Transient Suppressors link to find comparable products by onsemi or other manufacturers. Historically, the part has been available at distributors such as Newark, DigiKey, Avnet Americas, and Mouser Electronics, among others. However, for the most current availability and pricing information, it is recommended to check on

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