W5500 by WIZnet Co Ltd

Overview of W5500 by WIZnet Co Ltd.

The W5500 by WIZnet Co Ltd. represents a state-of-the-art solution for embedded systems requiring internet connectivity and efficient communication capabilities. Suited within the category of Other uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs, specifically in the realm of Microcontrollers and Processors, this component distinguishes itself with robust features tailored for network communication. The W5500 chip is designed with an Ethernet controller that supports TCP, UDP, and IPv4 protocols, integrating a 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY, 8KB of buffer memory for data transmission, and an SPI interface for command and data handling.

Presented in a 7 x 7 mm, 0.50 mm pitch, lead-free, LQFP-48 package, the W5500 adheres to rigorous industry standards, including RoHS and REACH compliance, illustrating its commitment to environmental considerations. Furthermore, it is designed to operate within an industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Notably, its supply voltage specifications underscore its low-power consumption nature, with nominal operation at 3.3V, contributing to the efficiency and economy of the systems it is incorporated into. Being a product under continuous development, the factory lead time and part life cycle status should be directly confirmed with the manufacturer as of the current writing.

Industry Applications for W5500

The versatile nature of the W5500 facilitates its application across a multitude of industries where network connectivity and data communication are keys. Below are potential application use cases:

  • Consumer Electronics: In the domain of consumer electronics, the W5500 may be suitable for powering smart home devices, gaming consoles, or networked appliances, offering reliable and efficient internet connectivity solutions.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): For IoT devices, which require constant data exchange and remote monitoring, the W5500 could provide a solid backbone for connectivity, supporting a vast array of sensors and actuators across smart environments.
  • Smart Cities: Infrastructure within smart cities potentially benefits from the integration of W5500, facilitating the management of traffic control systems, environmental monitoring, and public safety networks through seamless data communication capabilities.
  • Industrial Automation: Given its temperature grade and performance reliability, the W5500 may be suitable for industrial automation systems, including PLCs and remote monitoring tools that demand rugged, consistent networking capabilities.

About WIZnet Co Ltd.

WIZnet Co Ltd. has established itself as a pivotal manufacturer in the sphere of Microcontrollers and Processors, particularly specializing in internet offload network MCUs and ICs. Their commitment to innovation is evident in products like the W5500, which offers a unique mix of efficiency, performance, and environmental friendliness. WIZnet’s portfolio extends beyond the W5500 to encompass a variety of other microcontrollers and peripheral ICs that are geared towards facilitating seamless communication and connectivity in an array of electronic devices. Their influence in the development of embedded internet products has been instrumental in driving the proliferation of internet-enabled technologies across industries.

Where to Find W5500 by WIZnet Co Ltd

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